About Sensera

About Sensera

Sensera Systems designs, manufactures, and markets products and solutions for integrated remote sensing and imaging in construction, security, industrial automation, oil & gas, agriculture, and law enforcement. Sensera Systems' patents issued and pending MultiSensetm Platform and solar powered, wireless camera products are significantly simpler to use and more affordable than existing systems and have been recognized by the industry with multiple awards for innovation and impact.  Sensera Systems' products achieve extreme ease of use, high functionality, and low cost by combining solar powered and wireless operation, and tightly integrated hardware and cloud-based monitoring.

The flagship MC-30 Series cameras were the first to incorporate IP connectivity, cellular and WiFi with high resolution still imaging in a fully integrated solar powered system providing true no-wires operation. The MC-60 Series cameras offer built-in edge recording, H.264 video streaming, in addition to fully automated time-lapse.  These cameras offer site monitoring at less than half the cost of competing solar powered systems. The SiteWatch-700 Series provides a turn-key remote site surveillance solution with automated motion triggering and alerting, video streaming and recording, and night vision - all in a compact, solar/wireless system. Sensera Systems also offers the MultiSense Cloud Service which provides cellular connectivity and a hosted Web Application to provide web-based remote access and management to MultiSense camera products. The MultiSensetm Web Application is a 100% web-based graphical interface for viewing data and controlling cameras from any desktop or mobile platform, with no programming, and no software to install or maintain.

The founders of Sensera are technology and business experts who pioneered some of the first widely deployed telemetry M2M (IoT) hardware and software products over a dozen years ago.  As early pioneers in M2M (IoT) applications, the Sensera team understood how difficult, expensive, and complex remote sensing systems can be.  Building blocks can help, but still require significant effort and expertise to integrate, and can result in more expensive solutions.

Sensera Systems was founded with a focus on disrupting remote sensing markets by delivering products that are significantly simpler to use and more affordable. The Sensera team believed that the path to achieve this included 100% wireless operation including solar powered, and wireless communications. The Sensera MultiSensetm Platform is based on a number of innovations in low power system design in order to deliver powerful capabilities in a fully integrated, low-cost system. Further innovations in automated provisioning and edge-intelligence have allowed Sensera to deliver a family of products that offer extreme ease-of-use.

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